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The Newborn Sensory Play Kit

Explore The Magic Of Sensory Play

Stimulate, play and bond with your newborn with our perfectly paired toys to help develop their vision, brain and strength whilst having fun through play.

• Play, bond & stimulate your baby
• Recommended by 1000's other parents
• Helps to develop their brain & eyes

Babies Love Our Sensory Box!

Look inside your sensory kit

At birth, your newborn's eyes are sensitive to light, blurry and getting used to the outside world. This sensory play kit helps them to develop their vision and brain through high contrast images, whilst the toys help to aid their expected developmental milestones from 0 to 6 months plus.

8 x Sensory Flashcards

Stimulate & develop your babies vision using our award-winning Sensory Flashcards. Hold in front of your baby, or prop up to aid tummy time easily.

Sensory Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Aid the development of your babies eyes and senses with the soft organic material touching their skin, whilst the high contrast design captures their attention.

Panda Mirror

Watch your baby giggle and smile at themselves whilst developing their self-awareness, whilst you hold in front of them or lay down to aid tummy time.

Black & White Ribbon Toy

Develop your babies touch as you gently stroke the soft, high contrast black & white ribbons across your baby, whilst they watch the ribbons moving in the air.

Sensory Wooden Rattle

Shake and jingle the rattle in front of your baby to stimulate their brain and ears, or allow your baby to hold, shake and have fun when they're old enough.

Sensory Foil Blanket

Watch your baby play, wriggle and laugh with excitement as the foil blanket crinkles every time you baby moves around.

Blowing Bubbles

Entertain your baby as you bond with your baby blowing the bubbles whilst they watch and track the bubbles falling through the air.

Ostrich Feather

Stroke the feather across your baby and watch their reaction and giggles whilst you bond and stimulate their senses.

0+ Sensory Play Guide

The ultimate guide to sensory play with your newborn. Learn about what to expect from your newborn over the next 3 months and how to use each sensory toy, to enjoy a sensory class whenever you wish in your own comfort.

Experience the magic of sensory play today!

Order your Newborn Sensory Play Kit now to stimulate, develop and bond with your baby from birth and experience the magical responses that our research-led Sensory boxes provide.
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