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Stimulate Your Baby's
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Why Do Your Need Our Sensory Flashcards?

Research, studies and 100's of our customers have proven that new-born babies respond extremely well to high contrasting images and colours, like the images shown on our cards. Babies from just a few days old are able to concentrate, track and engage with the animals, objects and patterns on our Flashcards, all of which help to stimulate and develop their Brain and Eyes, amongst a wide range of other benefits too (listed below)

Research by numerous Doctors have proven that babies respond best to high contrasting images, mainly Black & White from such a young age as their eyes haven't developed enough yet. The structures of the retina that receive colours (the rods and cones) haven't matured yet, meaning they can't fully experience the intense colour of red, blue, yellow and so on.

Thus meaning black and white are the easiest for babies to perceive and the contrast between the colours provide entertainment until their retina rods and cones develop and they can begin to appreciate colours around the age of 6 months old.


So What Are The Benefits?

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Calm & Stimulate Your Baby's Brain

Your baby is usually overwhelmed by the sheer amount going on in their new world. Our Sensory Flashcards use high contrasting images to capture your baby's attention to help them focus and stimulate their brains, whilst actually calming their minds as they scan the images.

Develop Your Baby's Concentration

Your baby at birth can not fixate or concentrate on an object for more than 4 to 10 seconds. However, with repeated use of our Sensory Flashcards, research & customers have reported their baby's concentrate on each card for 30+ seconds after a short period of use each day.

Improve Your Baby's Eye Tracking

Your baby will find tracking you and other objects difficult for the first 2 months of their life. However, using our Sensory Flashcards, because the high contrasting images are appealing & interesting to them, they an track with more ease because of their interest in the stimulator.

& So Many More Benefits

Including helping to calm your baby, helping to develop eye scanning ability, helping to better their tummy time & more!


Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Join 100s of other customers who love using our Sensory Flashcards with their baby's every day in their daily routines.

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