About Us

Hello and welcome to Priya & Peanut!

The first question we’re often asked is ‘where does the name come from?’… Priya is our Dalmatian and Peanut is the nickname for Grace, our first born daughter, when I was pregnant with her in 2019. Since then, the family has grown another little peanut called Emily, oh and I shouldn’t forget our British Blue Jasper…it’s a busy household!

We are Anna & Rob, the proud founders of Priya & Peanut!

Anna is an Illustrator and past Art Teacher and Rob a Marketer and together we have created the Award Winning Baby Sensory Flashcards much loved by parents and families across the UK. Our inspiration came from lots of preparatory reading whilst I was pregnant with Grace, where I came across an article about newborn babies vision and what they can and cant see. Intrigued as I was, I illustrated some black and white characters and patterns for Peanut to use when she was born…and to our surprise she absolutely fixated on them from as early as 10 days old! We wanted to share my illustrations with other families and new parents, to give them an aid for calming, nappy changes, bath time, car journey and more – settling those daily routines that can feel unsettling for our little ones! So, in April 2020 Priya & Peanut’s journey began and our dining room was covered in stacks of cards we individually cut and packed for months!

From then to now we've re-branded, expanded our sensory products, created a Newborn Baby Box, Sensory Books, Nursery Prints and have recently created an Early Learning Category with products for pre-schoolers too! Seeing the love shared across families using our products is the best part! From videos sent by parents of babies in ICU engaging in the flashcards, to siblings bonding with their newest family additions, the love is BIG!

A big thank you to all customers for the love & support shown to us, with your praise we have won 5 Awards and been recommended and features across various gifting newspaper articles too! We would like to say a special thanks to our family & friends for their endless support and faith and to our staff for their continued hard work and dedication, Priya & Peanut wouldn’t exist without you!

All our love,
Anna & Rob x