5 Items You Need To Make Your Own Newborn Baby Sensory Box

Mar 15, 2023

Create Your Own Newborn Baby Sensory Box

A baby sensory box is a great way to entertain and develop your baby's senses through play and in this article we're giving you a few tips on 5 items we would recommend you to add to your create your own newborn baby sensory box.

A baby sensory box is a container filled with sensory toys that appeal to, stimulate and aid the development of your baby's five senses:

  • Tactile (touch)
  • Sight (visual)
  • Auditory (hearing)
  • Gustation (taste)
  • Olfactory (smell)

From birth to early childhood, children use these senses to explore and make sense of the world. Typically, they are used with little ones for sensory play, learning, relaxation, stimulation, exploration, and meditation. Creating your own baby sensory box at home can be lots of fun and you can add in your own bespoke sensory items made at home!

We recommended that the first thing to do is get a decent container, this can be a big tub with a lid, a shoebox or even a bag! If you have an older baby, why not get creative, get the paints out an decorate the sensory box together? Cute!

So, what do we recommend you add you say?

Well, here are the 5 items we recommend you add to your Create Your Own Newborn Baby Sensory Box:

baby sensory cards

Baby Sensory Cards

Perfect from birth, our newborn baby sensory cards are the perfect addition to any Newborn Baby Sensory Box. Encourage the development of your baby's sight by showing them a selection of our high contrast black & white sensory cards.

Watch with amazement as your baby's eyes light up as they watch, stare and track the sensory graphics moving from side to side, whilst they aid their vision and stimulate their optic nerve to encourage brain development.

Here is the link to grab our award-winning baby sensory cards!

P.s - if you're creating a baby sensory box for 3+ months, here's a link to grab our colourful 3+ month baby sensory cards too!

sensory bubbles

Blowing Bubbles

All babies and young children love to watch and follow bubbles, helping to encourage vision development, as they're mesmerised by the bubbles floating and popping on their skin.

As your baby begins to grow older, you will notice them wanting to reach out and pop the bubbles, aiding fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, whilst eventually crawling and chasing the bubbles helping to develop their gross motor skills too.

The best thing about bubbles is that they're great fun, inexpensive and very easy to get hold of. So go ahead and enjoy, but be careful as you need to keep the bubble solution away from your child's eyes & mouth.

sensory feather


A feather is the perfect way to encourage touch and sensory stimulation, by simply stroking the feather along your baby's skin. Albeit simple, the soft touch will be relaxing and as they grow you may even get a little smile! 😊 (Please remember these are not toys)

Organza Scarf

Very popular amongst local baby sensory classes, organza scarf's make great additions to baby sensory boxes, as they have such a wide variety of sensory uses. Why not play peekaboo with your baby, let your baby look through the coloured scarfs or even swish the scarf above your baby to encourage them to track the movements of the scarf to aid vision and tracking ability.

Sensory Rattle

Rattles are a perfect addition to sensory boxes, as they can aid hearing, fine motor skills and cause & effect skills, whilst being able to be made at home! Creating your sensory shake is really easy!

Simply empty and clean a bottle, cup with lid or container and fill it with a variety of different objects to get different sounds. Such as rice for a rain like sound! You can also try dried pasta, little beads, oats, stones, nuts and so on. We recommend, if you do use a bottle you should glue the lid shut, so your baby can't open it.

We hope this article on creating your own newborn baby sensory box has been really useful and helped you decide on some individual and fun items to make or purchase for your sensory box.

If you're looking for a complete baby sensory box, here at Priya & Peanut we do make our own! Which includes a range of age & stage appropriate developmental sensory toys that stimulate & develop your baby's senses, skills and brain through fun, engaging playful activities.

baby sensory box

Alternatively, we also have a variety of other baby sensory toys that for older baby's that engage your baby in the magical of sensory play, whilst guaranteeing to stimulate & develop your baby.

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