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Stimulate, develop and bond with your baby with our Newborn Baby Sensory Box. Explore the true power of sensory play with your perfectly paired items & toys in your Baby Sensory Box to entertain and play with your baby whilst stimulating their senses.

Open up your Newborn Baby Sensory Box to find 8 perfectly paired sensory & development toys to use with your baby. Each item is age appropriately matched to support their early development by attracting the attention of your baby, to help develop their eyes, ears and touch through fun and playful games.

Each box includes our Guide to Baby Sensory Play which will help you to learn how to use each sensory item, to bond with your child using each sensory toys, just like a sensory class.

What's In Your Newborn Baby Sensory Box?

• 1 x Muslin Swaddle Blanket
• 8 x Exclusive Sensory Flashcards
• 1 x Sensory Ribbon Toy
• 1 x Panda Silicone Mirror
• 1 x Sensory Rattle Toy
• 1 x Foil Blanket
• 1 x Ostrich Feather
• 1 x Blowing Bubbles

All of which, helps to develop your baby's:

• Visual & Eye Tracking Development
• Cognitive Development
• Stimulates Senses
• Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development
• Encourages Hand Eye Co-Ordination
• Aids Neck & Physical Development
• Social-Emotional Development
• Aids Listening Ability

1 x Muslin Swaddle Blanket


Sight | Touch

Our Muslin Swaddle Blanket isn’t only an every day essential, but we have specially designed it with larger, noticable illustrations to grab the attention of your baby to improve their sight. Plus, it’s made with our 100% organic, seriously soft cotton your baby will love to touch. Please note, due to on-going development you may receive a muslin swaddle with a different pattern.

8 x Exclusive Sensory Flashcards

Newborn Baby Sensory Box - Sensory Flashcards

Sight | Strength

Engage & develop your baby’s sight with our high contrasting, black & white premium flashcards. Including 16 designs in total from Animals to Leaves, all of which will grab the attention of your baby whilst they interact and engage with the contrast between the object and background on each card.

1 x Black & White Sensory Ribbon Toy

Newborn Baby Sensory Box - Sensory Ribbon Toy

Sight | Touch

Engage your baby’s sight as they focus on the high contrast, black & white ribbon flowing above their eyes. Try interacting with your baby by stroking the soft satin ribbon across their skin to engage with their touch sense. You could also try encouraging your baby to reach out and to grab the ribbon with their hands.

1 x Panda Silicone Mirror

Newborn Baby Sensory Box - Panda Mirror

Social-Emotional | Sight | Self-Awarness

As your baby’s sight develops, they will begin to love to look and engage with their own re-flection in the mirror. Whether it be on their back or during tummy time to develop their muscle and physical ability, it all helps to begin their social- emotional development and become more self-aware over the coming few months.

1 x Sensory Rattle Toy

Newborn Baby Sensory Box - Sensory Rattle Toy

Sound | Sight

Entertain your baby with the soft sound from the bells on your Sensory Rattle. Made perfectly to suit your newborn baby with its gentle, calming sound from the bells, the Sensory Rattle will gain their attention and help to develop their ears and spatial awareness. Please note, due to on-going development you may receive a different sensory rattle toy to the picture.

1 x Soft Ostrich Feather

Newborn Baby Sensory Box - Ostrich Feather

Sight | Touch

Develop your baby’s sight, touch and their ability to differentiate and understand how all objects have different feelings with our feather. Each gentle stroke will provide a calming feeling to your baby whilst potentially gaining a cheeky smile or laugh from the tickle feeling.

1 x Blowing Bubbles

Newborn Baby Sensory Box - Blowing Bubbles


Entertain your baby with our mesmerising magical bubbles as you watch their eyes light up and follow the bubbles as they float down and pop in front of your baby.

1 x Foil Blanket

Newborn Baby Sensory Box - Foil Blanket

Sound | Sight | Touch

Watch as your baby wiggles, stares and makes a lot of noise playing on their back or front in their foil blanket. Perfect for baby sensory fun with its shiny surface and crinkly sound which gets all the senses going.

Please Note - All toys included have been thoroughly tested to ensure they're safe to be used with your baby. However, please do not leave your baby un-attended with any of the items and always supervise when using these sensory toys.

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