At Priya & Peanut, we take the safety of our products extremely seriously, which is why we only use trusted suppliers, a vigorous sample testing process and further layers of quality and safety checks across all of our products. Product safety is at the heart and thought of everything we do and we are constantly looking to better our practices and processes. Please be assured that we will continue to do everything in our utmost power to limit the chances of any future issues.

Please see any recalled products below.

 Sensory Cloud Ribbons 

Item Description:

If you have purchased the item pictured, one of our Black & White or Colour Sensory Cloud Ribbons, you're required to read more about our voluntary product recall below.

Recall Notice:

These products have been voluntarily recalled due to a safety risk posed by the following outlined below:
• A risk of choking and asphyxiation on the Wooden cloud.
• A risk of strangulation on the Ribbons if they were to untangled from the Wooden Cloud.

Following this, we highly recommend that you stop using this item immediately and follow the steps below.

Submit Your Information:

We must keep a record of all disposed Sensory Cloud Ribbons, so please use this form to submit your information to retrieve a gift note worth more than your initial purchase. If you no longer have the Sensory Cloud Ribbons, please submit your information, as we will still need to log your information.

Additional Information:

If you want to talk to us or require any more information then please contact us at

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