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About us.

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About us

Hello and welcome to Priya & Peanut!

We are a small, family run business – young at heart and mind and innovative in outlook for the baby and toddler market of today.

The first question we’re often asked is ‘where does the name come from?' So, Priya is our Dalmatian girl, one of a kind in her beauty and personality and Peanut is our daughter Grace, nicknamed Peanut when I was carrying her in 2019, when our journey began!

We are Anna & Rob, the proud founders of Priya & Peanut! We launched Priya & Peanut in February 2020, a month before Peanut was born on the 20th March. In the months leading up to Peanut’s birth, during our usual night-time baby shopping and reading on our phones, we came across an article which spoke of the importance of babies seeing high contrasting images in black & white for their eye and brain development at an early age.

Intrigued as we were, we began designing a variety of black and white high contrast images to use with Peanut once she was born. Amazed by her fascination, calmness and focus on the cards as early as 2 weeks old, we began to gift them to our friends & family to use and test too. We were passionate about our product and wanted to share our designs with you, so the whole collection was designed for the launch of the business and now our 0+ Sensory Flashcards hold the Made for Mums Silver Award 2021 for Best Baby Gift.

2020 – 2021 has been a difficult time for all, including expecting and new parents, having to go through birthing alone, lack of family support due to lockdowns and a stop to the usual playgroups and new parent meet ups that make the first months that little more ‘normal’! Being lockdown parents ourselves and feeling the brunt of the restrictions, we felt passionate to grow our product range to bring even more sensory play and joy into the homes of all new lockdown mums and dads of 2020/ 2021, designed by parents, for parents.

We couldn’t be more thankful to all our customers for the love & support shown to us. We would like to say a special thank you to our parents and close friends for their encouragement and faith in us to succeed and to our staff for their continued hard work, Priya & Peanut wouldn’t exist without you!

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