Our Christmas Gift Guide (2022)

Nov 15, 2022

Priya & Peanut's Christmas Baby Gift Guide

And just like that we’re all getting those Christmas feels!

The jingling of sleigh-bells is on the way, and we are already counting down to the big day! With little ones in the family or friends who have babies, there is always an extra air of magic to the festive period but picking the perfect gift can still be tricky. Well, search no more… to help you along the way, here is our simple guide for some great baby gifting ideas to stop you feeling snowed under…So sit back, grab a hot drink, and enjoy the return of Christmas magic…

In our Christmas Gift guide, you will find baby toy suggestions for a variety of ages, click the age you wish to see our suggestions:

Newborn Baby Toys & Gifts

3-9 Month Old Baby Toys & Gifts

12+ Month Old Baby Toys & Gifts

Newborn Gifting Ideas:

The Newbie Baby Sensory Play Kit - Priya & Peanut

Priya & Peanut The Newbie Baby Sensory Play Kit (0-4 Months)

The Newbie box includes all the toys your newborn needs! Explore, play, learn and develop all in one with the Newbie Play Kit, expertly designed to include 7 toys, that are not only fun but aid the development of your baby's senses and help them reach their first months key milestones – the perfect gift! Click here to shop our Newbie Baby Sensory Play Kit

Newborn Baby Sensory Flashcards

Priya & Peanut Newborn Baby Sensory Flashcards (0-6 Months)

These are an ideal pressies for a newborn. The high contrast black and white cards help strengthen a baby’s eyes from birth whilst stimulating the brain and encouraging neck strength when used during tummy time. Click here to shop our Newborn Baby Sensory Flashcards

Ps. These go great in our Baby Flashcard Sleeve, perfect for tummy time or take them out in the changing bag for fun on the go!

Wooden Baby Milestone Discs

Priya & Peanut Wooden Milestone Discs

These are the perfect way to cherish and share a baby’s special moments. Each of the 24 wooden milestone discs have been lovingly designed to be on-trend with a variety of leaves and flowers, whilst including popular fonts. Perfect for snapping a picture and to capture that special milestone with loved ones and friends. What to see them? Click here to shop our Wooden Milestone Discs

3-9 Month Old Baby Gifting Ideas:

Little Dutch Activity Cube

Activity Cube by Little Dutch Toys

In the Little Goose Design is a great gift for a baby to explore and play! It has various elements of discovery such as labels, textures, a mirror and a teething ring with beads that make a sound with every movement. There is also a small shark that likes to play hide and seek in its pouch too! Shop Little Dutch's Activity Cube here

Priya & Peanut Sensory Fabric Activity Book

Priya & Peanut Sensory Fabric Activity Book

A hit with little ones for sensory play! They can touch, feel, hear and stare at the many details and activities in the Sensory Activity Book! They will be sure to love the glittery stars, umbrella felt flap, super soft cloud, a mirror and more! The book can even be stood up around a pram for trips out or velcro-ed to a cot. Shop our Sensory Fabric Activity Book here

The Bumbo Floor Seat

The Bumbo Floor Seat

A great gift for babies who can’t sit up unaided. If the baby, you are buying for is curious about their environment and prefers to sit up rather than lying down this is the perfect gift! The Bumbo seat is easy to clean, lightweight and it comes in an array of lovely colours. It also includes a secure three-point safety harness. Shop the Bumble Floor Seat here

My First Animals Sensory Buggy Book

Priya & Peanut My First Animals Sensory Buggy Book

A must have gift for baby boys and girls! Make their pram and car journeys exciting and fun whilst on the go! Not only has this little book got delightful high contrast illustrations of sea animals, insects and more, it also supports sensory visual stimulation from birth. The cute buggy book comes with a handy high contrast red pram attachment to fit to a pram, bike, side of the cot or a play-gym. Shop our My First Animals Buggy Book here

12+ Month Old Baby Gifting Ideas:

Jungle Animals Can Sensory Board Book

Priya & Peanut Jungle Animals Can Sensory Board Book

A playful book with magic sensory graphics that will introduce your baby to Jungle Animals! A great gift for those littles who want to know more about what those fun and quirky characters do! Shop our Jungle Animals Can Sensory Book here

Oli Ella Doll

Oli Ella Dolls

Beautiful Dinkum dolls full of love and wonder, children can snuggle them, dress them, and style their hair! Even better, they are fully posable with arms, legs and a head that moves – they can also sit and even stand when wearing their shoes! No wonder they are the latest craze amongst little people! But be careful...the accessories could make them an obsession! Shop Oli Ella Dolls here

Early Learning Play & Match Animal Set

Priya & Peanut Early Learning Play & Match Animal Set

A winner of a Christmas gift, it comes with 12 hand – painted wooden animals, a set of Alphabet Flashcard (A-Z) and a set of number flashcards from 1-10. A toddler will have great time playing and bonding with an adult counting, practising animal names and even playing snap. Shop our Early Learning Play & Animal Set here

Liewood Bonnie Pushcart

Liewood Bonnie Pushcart

A great supportive walker for newly mobile toddlers, it can also be used as a stylish storage box for new toys. The wheels and handle of the cart make it a practical item to use around the home too! Shop the Liewood Bonnie Pushcart here

Melissa and Doug Safari Shape Sort Truck

Melissa and Doug Safari Shape Sort Truck

Let your little one become a rescue ranger and go on an exciting animal safari! This item has several fun features that are perfect for stimulating imaginative play and for improving fine motor skills! The wooden safari shape sorter truck has a door that can be opened and closed to unload the colourful animals, they can then be stacked and counted and posted through the holes in the side of the truck… all before driving off into the sandy desert! Shop the Melissa and Doug Safari Shape Sorting Truck here

We hope that these items will bring smiles that continue long after Christmas Day…

Have a lovely holiday!

The team at Priya & Peanut


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