Why All Parents Need Baby Sensory Flashcards

Apr 30, 2021

Priya & Peanut Baby Sensory Flashcards

Sensory Flashcards. So you might be wondering how such a simple concept can have such a beneficial impact. And you might also be wondering why you need them for your baby.

To us adults, high contrast shapes and designs might look pretty cool for a moment or two, but their impact on our adult brain isn’t all that exciting. For babies however, the impact of high contrast shapes and designs on their brain development is truly amazing.

When babies leave the quiet and comforting space of their mother’s womb and enter the big wide world, they are overwhelmed with so much to look at and take in. Research suggests that high contrast shapes and patterns can actually provide babies with something simple and engaging to focus on, something that can actually hold their attention and gaze.

Here we look at some of the benefits of Sensory Flashcards and hopefully answer your question as to why they deserve a spot in your home…

Visual stimulation & brain development

While your newborn baby’s visual system is still developing, they prefer looking at high contrast images. Research suggests that this is because newborn’s find it more challenging to distinguish between similar colours such as red and orange and the high contrasting tone of black and white stands out well for your newborn.

You can take comfort in knowing that choosing high contrast Sensory Flashcards will provide the most suitable visual stimulation for your baby.

An easy and simple way to think about it is through this simple explanation.

If a baby is blindfolded right from birth, the visual centre in his or her brain would never develop and the baby would never develop vision. “On the other hand, if you provide continuous visual input to the baby’s eyes, the retina thrives, the optic nerve grows, and the visual part of the baby’s brain develops exponentially.”

And the best type of visual input for babies is high contrasting colours, shapes and designs!

A special activity you can do together

Sensory Flashcards will present the perfect opportunity for you to engage in some all important play and bonding time with your baby. Some new parents might not realise that this type of play and stimulation can be incorporated into your routine from birth.

Using Sensory Flashcards is an activity that makes a change from all the feeding and sleeping, all at your baby’s own pace and when they feel ready to engage.

It is known that interacting and conversing with our babies from birth helps babies to recognise us as their mum or dad, and allows them to feel comfortable with physical interaction. By using Sensory Flashcards you will be establishing positive forms of interaction, which not only stimulate your baby’s senses but research shows that this type of interaction can also work to have a really calming effect on your baby.

Timeless and neutral

Admittedly, as parents we want toys and activities that we know our children will get lots of use out of. Our high contrast Sensory Flashcards are timeless and will grow with your baby as you explore and find different uses for them to suit their development stage. There are also a range of Flashcards for your baby’s age group on our website.

Our high contrast Sensory Flashcards are gender neutral thanks to their black and white design and patterns which means they can make for a perfect gift to an expecting family who aren’t choosing to find out their baby’s sex. Or, if you are buying for your own, they will be perfect for either your little boy or girl.

They are a toy box staple, and can even be passed down to siblings for more use later on down the line.


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  • Cecilia
    Apr 30, 2022 at 08:51

    Sensory stimulation is good for our grandchild.
    She loves steering at them for a long time.Babies
    Only can see black and white colours?


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