How To Write Your Toddler's Letter To Santa

Nov 30, 2022

How To Write Your Toddler's Letter To Santa

You just can’t beat a family tradition, so helping your toddler or child write their first letter to Santa this Christmas is something very special. Whether you post it through the letterbox (via Royal Mail) or send it up the chimney (wooooosh!) your child will sense that special Christmas magic 😊

In this article, we're letting you know:

Items you need to send your letter

What you need to do

How to post your letter to santa

Letter To Santa - Sticking - 1
Letter To Santa - Sticking - 2
Letter To Santa - Sticking - 3
Letter To Santa - Sticking - 4
Letter To Santa - Glitter
Letter To Santa - Writing

Items you need:

  • A Glue Stick (non-toxic)
  • Catalogue (such as Argos or the Entertainer) or even the free catalogues that you get through the door!
  • A piece of paper
  • Glitter Glue/Stickers/stamps to decorate
  • Envelope

What to do:

  1. Let your little one choose some items that they like..
  2. Write on the top of the piece of paper, ‘Dear Santa/Father Christmas, For Christmas I would like’ Even if your toddler cannot write, it’s important for them to see you write as often as possible 😊
  3. Leave a big gap for all the items your child has chosen…let your little one tear these out and let them loose with the glue stick to stick them all down.
  4. You can then help them decorate the letter however they want with stickers, stamps and good old-fashioned glitter…what is Christmas without glitter!!
  5. Last but not least, at the bottom write, ‘Love ….x….’ You can also decorate the envelope too! Just leave a gap for the address in the middle!

How to Post:

  • If you are choosing to post your letter Royal Mail have the following address, don’t forget to check the postage deadline, and affix a stamp!
  • Santa/Father Christmas
    Santa’s Grotto
    XM4 5HQ

See more information here.. Letters to Santa | Royal Mail Group Ltd

Another lovely idea is to support NSPCC’s ‘Letter for Santa’ appeal. You can go onto the site and create your own letter with your little one by choosing one of their magical designs and personalising the content. The charity ask for a minimum donation to help support their vital work. The children will receive a personalised and magical response in return... see Santa’s workshop is OPEN | NSPCC for more information.


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